Hydraulic Clutch Kit Z for STD Engine Cover

The clutch of Z is made an hydraulic type. This can use the STD engine cover. The size of the master cylinder must use 14mm. The size must use 19mm when you use a radial master cylinder. Please prepare Release-assy-clutch(13231-1068) of Kawasaki. Please prepare the brake hose.

Z2※ Z750D1 Z750FX(~D2)
Z1※ Z1000 Z1R(~D2) Z1000MK2(~A3)
※A model previous from 1975 cut down the inside of the front sprocket cover.

Parts No.

14,000 yen

For Z750FX・Z1000MK2・Z1R
As for the final type of each model, the shape of the crankcase is different. Please remove the front sprocket cover and confirm the shape of the transmission cover. The model that there is no screw hole in the part of the sign cannot install it.

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